If baby clothes are one of your priorities, it is mandatory to bet on the best. At Cocote we never rest with the aim of offering the best to the smallest of the house and, therefore, we present the Spring & Summer 18 Collection, a proposal full of nuances that define its quality.

And this is one of the patterns that should guide children’s fashion, especially in baby clothes, where the skin is more delicate and well-being is synonymous with health. At Cocote, once again we have been up to the task to cover all the demands of the little ones with a very complete collection.

In our children’s fashion brand we fuse the magic of spring and summer in clothes so that babies show off an unmistakable personality. Do you want to know more details about our new collection? Pay attention!

Designs for all tastes

Variety is the predominant note in the new Cocote collection, as evidenced by its seven design lines, where there is room for all kinds of aesthetic and functional needs.

Reviewing the catalog you will come across the classicism of the Baby proposal, especially designed for younger ages, the magic of the Spring line, which perfectly reflects the charm of a season such as spring or the charm of the Garden designs, the Which will highlight to the maximum the most playful character of the little ones.

Similarly, the Soft Green, Sailor, Nature and Soft Navy lines will give the little ones incredible versatility for the funniest months of the year, opening up many opportunities for parents to make their children look radiant on all occasions. Sea, nature, beach … Babies will shine more than ever!

Color protagonism

Spring and summer are the months of color and Cocote’s designs reflect this perfectly, offering a very varied color palette that will give babies a lot of shine.

Yellows, pinks and blues are the most prominent colors of the season, along with the prominence of patterns full of life, where the tonal variety is manifested more than ever. We must also highlight the magic of ruffles for girls, as well as the sophistication of shirts for boys.

At Cocote, your baby clothes, we always do our best to satisfy the demands of the little ones in the house. Our Spring & Summer 18 Collection will not disappoint you. Check it out!