The arrival of autumn and winter supposes a modification of our habits in a substantial way. We must follow the same path with our children and, therefore, at Cocote, as experts in baby clothes, we are going to help you, showing you which are the essential elements to carry in the stroller during these months.

Of course, the first thing during this period will be to choose the maximum comfort for your baby and the highest degree of protection against the cold. As we have explained in other posts, under these conditions, children’s and baby fashion will give you many possibilities that will reinforce the aesthetics of your baby.

However, this alone will suffice. As experts in baby clothes and everything that surrounds your figure, we are going to tell you what you should carry in your baby’s stroller during these months. Thus, your little one will be protected against any unforeseen event. Pay attention!

  1. A blanket

Although it is essential to wear some protection at all times of the year, during these months carrying a blanket in your little one’s stroller will be absolutely essential.

It is not ideal to be with your baby on the street when it is already dark and the cold is more intense, sometimes it is unavoidable, so having a blanket adapted to their size on hand will be very important. In the same way, you should cover your baby with it whenever he falls asleep, since in this state his body could get cold very easily.

  1. Several changes

During his first year of life and even older, our baby will be a continuous box of surprises. Under these circumstances, a change will be too short, so you should never forget that second spare in your stroller bag. You will surely appreciate it more than once!

In this way, you will prevent, whatever happens, that your child’s wardrobe is wet for longer than necessary, something that during this time could be very harmful.All clothes are important!

  1. Sunscreen

Apart from the clothes, of course, the stroller will serve you to cover the needs of your baby at all times. Therefore, we want to emphasize the importance of always having a sunscreen lotion on hand.

And it is that during the autumn and winter months, we will go out much more with our little one in the hours of greatest exposure to the sun, so we should not let it pass.

  1. Do not forget the hygiene material!

This goes for all times, but it never hurts to remember it. Beyond diapers, wet wipes are basic. Never leave them at home! You should also carry several bibs and pacifiers in the cart, as well as their diaper change creams.

Likewise, it will always be good to have one or another of their favorite toys so that our little one can be entertained and you can rest.

If you want a winter without frights, in Cocote, your baby clothes, we recommend that you follow the following tips. Thanks to them, the comfort of your little one will always be assured.

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